An Open Letter from Andrew York

Andrew York letter

Some of you may have heard a rumor that I am leaving the group. It's true! Before speculation breeds globs of blogs and gossipifiers, I'd like to let you in on the story.

I've known these guys for twenty-three years, been playing with them for twenty, and then I officially joined the group sixteen years ago. LAGQ has been a huge lifetime and artistic experience for us. Most everything we hoped for has come true - major recording deals with labels like Sony and Telarc, two Grammy nominations and then a Grammy award. I think we've toured in maybe twenty-five countries together, played more concerts than I can remember, and recorded more than ten CDs. Beyond all that though, we've been like brothers. Naturally we've had disagreements, even shouting matches, but at the end of the day we always went out together for a nice meal and glass of wine, and we continue to enjoy each other's company to this day. I'm proud of what we've accomplished, and it's been one of the great experiences of my life to work with Bill, Scott and John. They are not just amazing musicians, but exceptional people as well.

So why am I leaving then, you ask? More than a year ago I began to realize that I craved more time for my personal artistic projects. Simply put, I'm compelled to sail out into unknown waters to let my creativity take me where it needs to go. In March I told the boys that I'd be leaving at the end of this year, and they understood. They have since been searching for a someone to replace me, and have recently found the player and musician they were looking for in Matthew Greif. We have known Matt for many years. Matt and I have even recorded together, and I respect his musical abilities very much. So please, everyone, welcome Matthew Greif into LAGQ!

Thanks to all our fans for their support of our music over the years. We really accomplished something new, and I know the group will continue to inspire and delight people all around the world. I offer a heartfelt toast to LAGQ's continued success!


Andrew York