L.A.G.Q., Available on iTunes

The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet takes off in an exciting new direction on its Sony Classical label debut -- a highly original, richly varied celebration of world music.

Such an imaginative idea is just what one would expect from the resourceful and unorthodox LAGQ. This quartet of classical guitar soloists came together over fifteen years ago. Since there is virtually no classical music written for a quartet of guitars, the group has either composed, arranged, or commissioned most of the music that it plays, to serve its unique and diverse sound.

For years, fans have cheered LAGQ's amazing, stylish arrangements of standard classical works. Humor is also an essential element of any LAGQ concert -- they customarily bring down the house with irreverent musical parodies and other high-spirited spoofs.

With the release of their Sony Classical debut L.A.G.Q., the quartet launches a new phase in its development, adding world music to an all-embracing repertoire which already includes classical, jazz, pop, folk, and rock music.