"Suite Transcendent" recording now out!

We're thrilled to be a part of a newly released recording of the music of Tilman Hoppstock / Allan Wilcocks! A truly unique and wonderful addition to the guitar repertory. Now available at https://www.prim-verlag.de/willcocks-tilman-hoppstock-neu-new

William Kanengiser
"Suite Transcendent" is in the can!

This past September, German virtuoso and composer Tilman Hoppstock came to LA to produce a recording of his “Suite Transcendent” dedicated to LAGQ.  Written under his imaginary alter-ego Allan Willcocks, an early 20th c. British Impressionist composer.

William Kanengiser
New Pat Metheny piece gets rave reviews after premiere
With Pat Metheny after the New York premiere.

With Pat Metheny after the New York premiere.

With Pat Metheny in attendance, LAGQ played the world premiere of  “Road to the Sun” on October 20, 2016 at the Newman Center in Denver. The piece is a major work - six movements in 25 minutes - and runs the expressive gamut. Metheny is one of the world’s most celebrated compositional voices and this piece is a thrilling sampling of his wide-range expression.

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Camille Kanengiser